Is that you, Spring?

It really feels like it’s been a long winter.  Finally, though we are starting to see signs of spring coming and I don’t mean just the crocus in your local park, I mean the sun shining, the nights getting lighter and most importantly the temperature finally feeling a little less sub zero.  I wouldn’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet though I keep hearing that the Beast from the East is coming back later this week (seriously?!).

Spring in Aberdeen – does this seem familiar?

At this time of year the cliche is we begin spring cleaning and I’m no exception to that tradition, I begin by changing over wardrobes, although I’m not ditching my down coat just yet, that Beast might come back and I’ll not be adequately equipped for the school run in my spring trench.  Beyond the clearing out, changing over of wardrobes and sending piles of stuff you don’t need anymore to the charity shop, what other things can we do to get ready for spring in the home?

Scented candles

Change up your fragrances for lighter more floral scents or if floral isn’t your thing then go for something a bit zestier.  Heavy winter fragrances tend to remind you of just that, winter.  Pick some new scents and make them your spring staples.


My home is rarely without fresh flowers and at this time of year I start to inject a bit of colour starting with tulips in my kitchen.  I simply cannot wait for peonies to be in season, they were my wedding flowers and I love having a huge bunch on my coffee table in June.  We often associate spring with pastels so pick up some nice bunches to compliment your interiors.  As we know grey interiors are everywhere and pastel shades look fantastic paired with all shades of grey.  Embrace what’s in season and even pick some from your own garden, if it’s worthy of picking that is.  I’m looking out to mine and can’t help but thinking it’s looking a bit tired after winter but as things start blooming bring the outdoors inside.  Make sure your vases are up to it, it’s good to have a collection of different shapes and sizes to suit different arrangements. Think out of the box too, jugs, Mason jars, old fashioned bottles and carafes also make wonderful vases.

Peonies – my favourite spring flowers

Soft furnishings

Look at lighter curtains for spring, it’s not unusual to want to hang lighter curtains for the spring and summer months.  You’ll not be closing them so much over these months so concentrate on something light that drapes beautifully. As for cushions, change up your cushions to lighter and less heavy cushions and look at adding in a new textured throw.

Open your windows

Not interiors advice as such but air your home, let the fresh air flow through, not only is it good for properties to help reduce the risk of damp and condensation, you can’t beat the smell of fresh air.  It’s a bit like hanging washing out on the line.

Finally, for me spring is also about fresh ingredients, lighter dishes and Easter eggs so get some lovely new tableware and accessories such as platters, new dishes and glasses.  Even if it’s just a bowl to put your Mini Eggs in.  Is it even spring if you’ve  not over indulged in Mini Eggs?  Trays are also a great purchase for carrying food and drinks to the garden, for the rare days it’s warm enough to dine outside, it’s good to be prepared so make sure you get yourself some bright and colourful melamine tableware for outdoor dining too.

Display your food with coordinating tableware

So, until next time get those windows open and embrace the signs of spring but don’t go packing away all your cosy stuff just yet!

Mini Eggs – need I say more?




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